Ice cream and other sweet temptations

For 10 years we have also had a steadily growing range of milk ice cream, sorbets and also lactose-free ice cream.
So many ideas do not fit in the ice cream chest, that’s why we have a constantly changing range. We pay attention to good regional ingredients and in addition there is always a portion of love.

We also offer our customers delicious homemade cakes, especially the apple crumble cake is a real “hit”.

We bake our waffles and crepes fresh and they come hot on the table.
For all our customers who prefer something a bit more hearty, we have baguettes and hearty homemade bagels.

There is something for everyone. Just try salmon with honey-mustard dressing.

Our daily changing offer

Yogur Rosas | Pina colada | Fresa con Chocolate | Strawberry Chocolate Gazpacho | Tonka bean | Canela | Ensaimada | Menta | Raspberry | Coco con Chocolate | Orange | Cacahuete-chocolate-caramelo | Coconut | Platanos con cereza | Passion Fruit | Flor de Sauco | Elderflower | Frambuesa | Kiwi | Platanos con Caramelo | Coffee Caramel | Yogur caramelo | coffee | Mora | Salted caramel | Sesamo negro | Wildberries | Chocolate blanco | Banana-caramel | Haba de Tonka | Banana-cherry | Yogur higos | Peanut chocolate caramel kiwi | Coconut chocolate | Coco negro | Cinnamon | Naranja | Mint | Algodon de azucar | Coconut-black | Ensaimada | Lemon meringue | Cafe Caramelo | White chocolate | Fruta de la Passion | cotton candy | Coco | Yoghurt Caramel | Chocolate | Yoghurt Rose | Limon Merenge Yoghurt Fig | Frutas del bosque | Yoghurt Honey | Café | Yoghurt-Passionsfrucht | Caramelo salados | Yogur Miel | Yogur fruta de la Passion

Eis to go.

Why don’t you take your favourite ice cream cone home with you? You can take any of our ice cream varieties in our 1 litre transport boxes.


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