Ice cream and other sweet temptations

Since 10 years we also have a constantly growing assortment of milk ice cream, sorbets and also lactose-free ice cream.
So many ideas don’t fit in the ice cream chest, which is why we have a constantly changing range. We pay attention to good regional ingredients and in addition there is always a portion of love.

We also offer our customers delicious homemade cakes, especially the apple crumble cake is a real “hit”.

We bake our waffles and crepes fresh and they come hot on the table.
For all our customers who want something a bit more hearty, we have baguettes and hearty homemade bagels.

There is something for everyone. Just try salmon with honey-mustard dressing.


Our daily changing offer

Yogur Rosas | Pina colada | Fresa con Chocolate | Erdbeer-Schoko Gazpacho | Tonkabohne | Canela | Ensaimada | Menta | Himbeere | Coco con Chocolate | Orange | Cacahuete-chocolate-caramelo | Kokosnuss | Platanos con cereza | Passionsfrucht | Flor de Sauco | Holunderblüte | Frambuesa | Kiwi | Platanos con Caramelo | Cafe-Karamel | Yogur caramelo | Cafe | Mora | Gesalzenes Karamell | Sesamo negro | Waldfrucht | Chocolate blanco | Banane-Karamel | Haba de Tonka | Banane-Kirsch | Yogur higos | Erdnuss-Schokolade-Karamel Kiwi | Kokosnuss-Schokolade | Coco negro | Zimt | Naranja | Minze | Algodon de azucar | Kokusnuss-schwarz | Ensaimada | Zitronenbaiser | Cafe Caramelo | Weiße Schokolade | Fruta de la Passion | Zuckerwatte | Coco | Yoghurt-Karamel | Chocolate | Yoghurt Rose | Limon Merenge Yoghurt-Feige | Frutas del bosque | Yoghurt-Honig | Café | Yoghurt-Passionsfrucht | Caramelo salados | Yogur Miel | Yogur fruta de la Passion

Ice to go.

Why don’t you take your favorite ice cream flavor home with you? You can take any of our ice creams in our 1 litre transport boxes.


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